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  • Alice


    You can get a small amount of free rotation, with a large multiplier, or many free spins, but smaller multipliers. Now we will tell you a big secret: it doesn't matter which one you choose. What matters is how much wild expansion you will gain during the free spin. It's usually one, in this case, by adding some timely wild multipliers, you can easily leave with a 30x to 60x bet.

  • Amazing Thailand

    Amazing Thailand

    Here's a magical tour of Spade Gaming to learn everything you need to know. Spade Gaming offers the industry's most outstanding graphics, and its games are known for their realistic effects.

  • Aztec Treasure

    Aztec Treasure

    The main goal of his life is to conquer the village and prove his love for women, which provides a relaxed and interesting transition for the traditional Aztec depiction. These symbols are creatively derived directly from the forgotten Aztec tribe and depict headwear, neck ornaments and masks.

  • Cookie Pop

    Cookie Pop

    Players can try this delicious slot machine without worrying about any weight, just a low limit bet of 0.20 one rotation, but if you feel more optimistic and want to win a bigger cash prize, you can put in the upper limit in this With 5 reels, 20 fixed payline creations only have 20.00 rotations.

  • Great China

    Great China

    Here's what Spade Gaming knows about Great China and everything you need to know. Giant pandas only live in most parts of China. In this game, you will appreciate the beauty of this country. The scrolls are set in the mountains, where the snow peaks stretch to where the eyes can see.

  • Japan Fortune

    Japan Fortune

    Developer Spade Gaming excels in the graphics of this game, and you will really feel the feeling of being transported to the rest of the world.