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  • Father vs Zombies

    Father vs Zombies

    When you spin the reel to win a cash prize, defeat the worst nightmare of man by standing various zombies.

  • Funkey Monkey

    Funkey Monkey

    As a sequel to the original Funky Monkey slot, the game's Jackpot version doesn't change what the player likes in the first game, just adds another important reason to spin its reels - a single layer bonus.

  • Goblin Treasure

    Goblin Treasure

    If you are willing to take some risks in your adventures, the rules are simple and the bets are high. Goblin's Treasure has a familiar layout and a relatively busy gameplay. The developer ensures that the atmosphere of the retro slot machine is emphasized from top to bottom.

  • Golden Monkey

    Golden Monkey

    The legend of the Golden Monkey Slot is only the shortest time, but many casino players and experts have claimed it is the top slot machine game of 2016.

  • Golden Whale

    Golden Whale

    When you play instant cash rewards on a reel, discover marine life living in the waves. But will this game be eliminated?

  • Great Blue

    Great Blue

    This game is known for its highly variable games, so you can play it with care - from as low as 25p to as much as £125.

  • Lion Emperor

    Lion Emperor

    There are five reels and 50 paylines in the game, and its scrolls have neat symbols depicting various African wildlife, as opposed to the vibrant African savannah terrain depicted in the distance.

  • Sky777

    Sky777 Casino is building more compatible, considering the number one Internet gambling experience across the continent. Sky777 Casino can be downloaded as an app on Android, iOS and Windows 10, or accessed via a browser to provide online gambling for as many players as possible.