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Indian Myth

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Myth is a sturdy, powerful ancient Greek game from Play N Go that has a traceable free spin and lots of chances to get the multiplier of these wins.

The maximum coin value is 25c, 5 per line, and the maximum rotation is $25. If your money is small, you can rotate 20c. There are auto play and standard bet options after each win. A single larger prize comes from the symbol of the warrior; it is also wild (usually excluded from the displacement). Five of the winning lines are worth 5,000 coins, only four of them are 1,000. In addition to winning a big win, this symbol doubles the value of any other winning combination.


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You didn't come to the age of God for its RTP or super graphics. In fact, the RTP of the King of the Gods is a fairly poor 93%. However, 1% of the pool enters the jackpot and the seed is at 10,000.00.

There are seven low-to-medium price symbols in the game. The royal symbols for Q, K and A pay 5-15 times the line bet for 3-5 queen icons, 10-20 times for 3-5 King icons, and 15-50 times line bets for Ace symbols. The sword pays 20-75 times, while the Pegasus Pegasus wins 25-125 times. Greek helmets pay 30-200x and shields pay 35-750x. Look for golden harp and giant eagle - a high salary symbol in the era of the king of lightning in the age of God. Our review team found that the harp pays 5-1000x, two to five, and two to five eagle rewards 10-5000x. If you've seen the Titan conflict, a story of a demigod who defeats the evil Medusa and knocks down the Kraken, many symbols will be familiar.

Marilyn Monroe

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Everyone knows the name of Marilyn Monroe, even if they don't know the real name of the woman behind the nickname - Norma Jean Mortensen. She is an actress in the 1950s and 1960s, and her image has stood the test of time.

Marilyn may have died almost 50 years ago, but she is still considered a sexy symbol today, and the slot machine is full of some popular and memorable actresses.

Lock It Link

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This is a game called Lock It Link Nightlife, developed by WMS Gaming with some fun bonus features.

These will be locked together and get monetary value and will start three, four or five rotations. Any new heart landing will be frozen in place, and when the rotation is over, you will get the combined value of all these hearts.

Nian Nian You Yu

1 1 1 1 1 Rating 5.00 (243141 Votes)

Well, if you rotate the 5 reels of this 9 payline slot machine in the right way, you might feel quite rich in the coming year and in the next few years. This is because the Playtech slot machine offers a 500,000 credit prize in normal games and a four-level jackpot that wins extra prizes in special bonus games.

The help party started with some game symbols depicting culturally related projects such as cherry blossoms, Chinese lanterns and even some red envelopes - traditionally filled with money for children. This is not just an economic gift, but it is said that the envelope can also resist the evil soul, which may not help the child to buy a new phone, but we think it is also very convenient!

Lotto Madness

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This is a slot machine game online free bonus game. There are typical classic symbols, such as lottery balls, the numbers are 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. In addition, there are Champaign and Goblet icons and Man with cash. The Wild symbol is a Scratch card that can be replaced with other reels. The Scatter icon is the Gold Dollar logo, and Bonus is the Wheel of Fortune.

After logging in the lucky wheel icon, you will trigger a free spin wheel. Here you should find a combination of free spins or multipliers. If you place the Scatter icon anywhere on the reels, you can get the maximum bet multiply cash amount. All free video slot games have their own unique Jackpot wheel. The Lotto Madness slot can boast of the Dollar Ball Jackpot. If you click the "Enable" button in the upper right corner of the game, you can participate in this round.

Panther Moon

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Panther Moon is another popular game featuring these elusive cats. You can win a huge 900,000 coins to find all five of them, and there are many small prizes for finding flowers and butterflies, and Wild Black Panthers can help you win more prizes.

However, their beauty is still insignificant compared to the black panthers, and prizes can also pay up to 900,000 coins for Panthers. They can also replace all the basic game symbols to help create more prizes, and then they will double for better metrics.

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