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Live22 has been giving quality online slot games for many people. It gained a huge commercial through providing many jackpot opportunities for our players. Not only higher chance of winning is discoverable, Live22 also provides immersive graphic design that is compatible with modern smartphones. Download Live22 to test your luck and enjoy the immersive mode of gamble experience!

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Zeus D'Mighty

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Greek mythology has always been a hot topic for online casino game developers, and this 5-volume 50 payline slot machine is interesting for this topic.

When Zeus triggers the reel to re-rotate, Zeus will bring good luck to the player, and a special wild symbol can replace other people if it helps to complete the winning line, and a lightning strike hits a free spin bonus. game. Any wild or other Zeus symbols that appear in the rewind of the reel will remain locked, making it easier to win high value wins in this quick bonus round.

The TAJ Majestic

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Majestic Taj video slot from GamingSoft. This is a 5-axis game, these colorful symbols appear on the reels, arranged in 243 ways to win the winning combination, including a series of rewards such as wild substitution, free spins and 4 levels of jackpots.

The Cobra is also available in green and gold versions and pays up to 1,500 coins when it is on all 5 reels. When the elephant or girl symbol appears, the top prize is declared, and the golden girl returns 250, 500 or 2,500 coins once she gets 3, 4 or 5 reels.

Wilds Of Africa

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These reels are crossed by 50 paylines, and the lining example of the same symbol on the adjacent reels on the left creates a standard winning combination that is also full of rewards.

The payment range for these lower value symbols is 10 times, 20 times and 200 times the line bet when 9 stops on 3, 4 or 5 reels of the pay line, 20 times, 50 times when A is in place or 400 times.

The Mythical Unicorn

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It's all set in a magical forest, it looks like it comes directly from the Avatar movie, and has some heavy bonus features like extended wild symbols, free spins and jackpots when you spin the 5 reels of this online slot machine claim.

There is a purple flower symbol, a white and orange flower, and the top paying flowers are filled with each color of the rainbow, paying 8 times, 20 times or 35 times. The Forest Fairy rewards bigger and better prizes, starting with a green girl, with a line bet up to 80 times the value, while red hair returns up to 90 times, and blue-eyed fairies pay up to 100 times.

Treasures Varna

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This is a fun, cartoon-style online casino slot machine from GamingSoft that shares many features, such as a level 4 jackpot round, plus wild symbols and a richer free spin game that these Malaysian developers like to include in many The game is a popular game.

If there are 3 scatters at the same time, the player wins 2 times the trigger bet, and 4 of the symbols are 10 times, and any 5 or more will pay 25 times the total bet amount. Once these rewards are earned, the free spin will begin, and if the prospector appears in a sufficient position in a bonus spin, the turn will be re-triggered and a new set of 10 games added at the end.

The Mulan

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Hao Mulan is a legend in Chinese history. He took over the army and refused any rewards. He fought for 12 years before returning to her hometown.

Anyone who doesn't want to spin at least 0.50 each time and wants to practice first can try The Mulan video slot for free, although there is no real cash reward for this option. Once the bet level is determined, you can also automatically set the number of reels to rotate as needed, or choose to accelerate each rotation and get results faster when needed.

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