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Paris of the East

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Malaysian online casino game developer GamingSoft pays tribute to these times through the Paris video ads in the East, including dancers, shady gangsters and luxury cars at the time, while players are subject to exotic extras such as wild substitution, symbol conversion and level 4 accumulation. Bonus function.

If a line of symbols is lost and the field is there, then the player will be paid as if there were no interruptions in the sequence, or if the field is facing to the right, a more valuable combination can be made. The game extends a line on other reels.

Panthera Pardus

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Anyone who likes big cats wants to get the Panthera Pardus video slot from Malaysian casino game developer GamingSoft because it is filled with many different beautiful spotted panther images.

The choice is to stack the highest purple leopard in 5 rotations, the second placed leopard in 6 games, or the orange cat will fill the reel in 8 or 10 free spins, depending on which one is selected. Once the free spin feature is complete, the player will return to the base game, as there is no option to re-trigger the turn, but a high-value cat pile should at least see a few winlines created before they end.

Mystery Lake of Pearl

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GamingSoft's Mystery Lake of Pearl background shows that as the sun begins to fade, the waves roll towards the coast, the gorgeous scrolls are inlaid with gold borders, each end has a fish bookmark, plus a unique oriental tunes, whenever You echo back and click the spin button

Mystery Lake of Pearl has incredible graphics, such as other casino slot machines developed by GamingSoft, with a total of thirteen symbols - ten of which are related to it, and three special symbols are key to enjoying the function.

Outlawed Gunslinger

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You can see towns and towns behind the reels, and even the payline instructions on each side are designed like the sheriff's badge, and the wooden effect of the symbol completes the picture.

The value of cowboy hats is 20 times, 60 times and 200 times, respectively, but the actors in this story will get the best results, and everyone will show another beautiful touch on an all-night poster. The Sheriff pays the highest standard symbol bonus for a 50x, 200x or 1,000x online bet, but even so, it is affected by potential payments from wild symbols.

Money Bang Bang

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Check out our Money Bang Bang Slot Review to see what's going on in this enticing 5-axis slot. Inspired by the old Western story, this simple 9 payline game will let you and the town sheriff go looking for some legendary California gold. Start with the basic symbols of the game. The smallest paid icon is playing cards, which can pay between 0.02 and 400 chips per combination depending on your bet.

Of course, the most valuable sign is the sheriff, who can pay up to 45,000 credits when you collect full-screen icons. When this symbol appears on the center reel along with the female sheriff and the wild, it can also trigger 30 free spins.

Ocean Trouble

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Dive into a sea full of treasures and have the opportunity to get up to 500 times more bets per rotation on Ocean Tale (one of the latest casino slot machines released by Novomatic in Europe).

Novomatic ensures that Ocean Tale is mobile optimized for all devices and platforms. This means you have no problems receiving the signal from the spinning reel using the iPhone. Similarly, if you choose to use Android, Windows or Blackberry devices, you will not encounter any compatibility issues.

Great Abundance

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This is a very popular manufacturer in Asia, it was established to cater to the local audience. Its service list is truly diverse, including software production, B2B services, real-time gaming and RNG versions.

Clues: Although this is an Asian manufacturer, it can be used in other corners of the brand that our portal reviews. The history of victory in different progressive versions shows that regardless of the cost of rotation, the algorithm will still throw an icon to trigger the feature onto the reel. All icons except the bonus icon have been paid. Therefore, Wild will award up to 800 credits. More importantly, two are landed on the same line in the adjacent position, and due to the extended feature, the entire line becomes a wild when grabbing a rich thing.

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