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Trident Warrior

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The ancient Greek gods fought a lot for power and wealth, and it is time to stand on the side of Poseidon in Mzooma's other ancient Greek "Mighty Trident". If he loses it in battle, you can even win up to 400 times the recovery of Poseidon's powerful trident.

The same Trident may become wild at any time and will rain on other symbols, so Poseidon can make more awards for you. You also need to take a closer look at the game's free spin symbol, as 3 of them will trigger 5 free spins, during which all gods can be displayed as stacked symbols in an attempt to make the rewards bigger. Each win will be welcomed by a compass reward, which will point north, south, east or west to show how the reel will move in order to try to win again. The reel will then continue to move until it does not win. You can also get a Poseidon bonus at random, as well as one of 4 gifts, including instant bonuses.