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You can get a small amount of free rotation, with a large multiplier, or many free spins, but smaller multipliers. Now we will tell you a big secret: it doesn't matter which one you choose. What matters is how much wild expansion you will gain during the free spin. It's usually one, in this case, by adding some timely wild multipliers, you can easily leave with a 30x to 60x bet.

But get two inflated wild animals, then you cook with gold-filled oil. At this point, you can easily get anything from 80x to 200x (or more) bets. Although we are very fortunate, we found that if we choose 8 free spins with a 3x multiplier, we will get more - but this is our personal taste. We recommend that you test this machine on your device, as sometimes the sound will disappear on iPads that don't have the latest updates and Android tablets.