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Playtech's Live Mini baccarat does not offer the usual 7 seats, but provides a single betting position. You can place a few bets in each round, including the player pair and the dealer pair, the perfect pair and any pair, big and small. This game variant also supports Egalite extra bets, allowing you to bet the player and the dealer to form a specific tie with the same score. For example, 9 individual Egalite pays 80:1, while Egalite 0 pays up to 150:1. All bets must be confirmed manually or using the auto-confirm button in the Settings.

There are two camera views to choose from and you can switch back and forth if you wish. The first one will have video input occupying the entire screen, while the other will minimize it in the top half. The menu placed on the right side of the chip provides access to live chat, video and audio controls, game settings and rules.