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Casino War

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The first step is to make a mandatory bet. This is the only time you can make an optional "draw" bet. If you and the dealer have the same card, pay 10:1. Once you place a bet, a card is facing you and the dealer. If your card is worth more, you will win. Your bet is 1:1. If it is lower, you will lose your bet.

If you bet a draw, but you are not tied to the dealer, you will lose the bet. But if you tie it, you will get a bonus equal to 10 times the bet. When you hit the level, you can also choose to participate in the war. Similar to card games. The key difference here is that you have a choice. You can join the war or surrender. However, if you surrender, you will only get half of the bet. But if you decide to join the war, then you must make an extra bet equal to your bet. Let us say that you are doing this. You decided to join the war.