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Hold Em

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Both players and dealers can get their own 2 cards and a total of 5 community cards that can be used to create effective playing cards. If the first 5 cards (two players and three community cards) contain a pair of A or better A cards, an AA side bet can be additionally made. Royal Flush pays Ante and the side prize of 100:1. The game uses a single deck and reshuffles after each round, and the dealer is eligible for 4 or higher cards.

Casino Hold'em plays high-quality streaming media common to all Playtech live games, and its standard interface provides a variety of options in a user-friendly way. The bottom menu allows the player to choose between two camera views, adjust the volume, switch to full screen mode, view game rules and access settings. You can communicate with your dealer through a live chat window and prompt them by placing the chips in the appropriate marked locations.