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iris Luck

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This is actually a very good interpretation of the Irish theme. The red head looks like a symbol of the wild. The little fairy is hidden in a golden pot. The rainbow fills the screen and the clover leaves fall from above.

If we haven't seen it before, it would be great. In fact, this is not what we often say. The theme and gameplay of NextGen games are even more exciting in their eyes of Ireland and the Eye of Ireland 2 mobile slot. Compared to Playtech's Irish luck slot, reels and triumphs are more frequent, more Irish whimsy, and feel like a re-peeling of desert treasures or Santa Claus surprises. Free spin is the only reward feature, which is a redemption aspect of this mobile slot. Most of the time you may leave with a bet that is equivalent to 10 to 30 times, but every once in a while you will reach an incredible multiplier of up to 15 times, which will make you breathless. . However, this is an exception to date and not a rule, and free spins are not enough to break the monotony of the main game.