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Pan Jin Lian

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Ok, because when you load the scrolls of the Pan Jinlian video slot, you are looking for some old Chinese style farce comedy. This quirky game shows comic characters, animated clowns and comedy sounds on nine paylines. Chinese imagery is ubiquitous in design, leaving players with no doubt about the background of the theme. Due to the story of this Asian theme slot, players who don't understand ancient Chinese folklore will be lost at sea and let us step onto the stage. Then you can enjoy these comedy antics.

Judging from one of the oldest stories in China, Pan Jinlian is a woman forced into an unhappy marriage. She falls in love with another man and has an affair. This ancient story is full of typical comics of any moral warning story, and GamingSoft's retelling adds a mime comedy element to the scroll. The picture symbols include the beautiful Pan Jinlian, a husband's clown and his angry brother, plus the handsome playboy who led our heroine into the wrong way. The low-priced symbols are related to Pan Jinlian, including a can of money, a small woman's shoes, a gorgeous fan and a gorgeous hair comb. The payment range for these symbols is 3 to 2,250 times.