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Ji Xiang 8

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In Ji Xiang 8, Each symbol has its own bet multiple (coefficient) per line. The simplest picture can win you 18 times the bet. The biggest win was caused by the x8,888 factor. One of the characteristics of the Lucky 8 slot machine is that any combination of ordinary symbols is better than a rotating bet. The cost of one spin is 0.08 chips, 0.01 bets, and the prize for three consecutive minimum pay symbols is 0.18 chips. This way, you can get a big bonus at this location. However, these combinations of pictures are very rare. This is called high variance.

You have won the biggest victory, landing a combination of faucet pictures in all 8 directions. Given that when playing a credit card bet, the bonus for one such combination is 8,888 credits, then the slot machine will pay 71,104 credits for 8 such combinations.