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Magic Slot

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Like most Play'n Go classic casino slot machines, 5X Magic doesn't have too many special features. In addition to the Scatter symbol, all rewards are multiplied by the bet for each line. The 5X symbol is a Wild symbol that can replace any symbol other than the Scatters. It also pays your victory 5 times. If you have 2 Wilds, your victory will pay 25 times. If you get as many Wilds as possible, you will be lucky. The magician's hat is the Scatter symbol, which multiplies the victory by the total bet and adds them to the victory meter. Now you can see that although this free slot is very simple and doesn't have a lot of features, it offers a good chance of winning.

The game is very easy to play, but at the same time creatively designed. The background is the stage of the red curtains, letting you look forward to a miracle. You won't hear any music, only when there is a winning combination. It will allow you to focus on the game results. Although the 5X Magic slot is one of the classic slots, it is known for its very simple design, but it has a fairly good composition, even with some animation.