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Golden Journey

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Feel the journry with the marvelous Monkey King Lord and get the Huge Gold with him on his journey! Its quite simple to play! You just bet on your favourite Character and the one you bet sure can get a huge bounty with full of gold!

Golden Lotus

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Finding a golden lotus is not the only thing that can add wealth, because you will also be rewarded for finding other items, such as poker symbols, Chinese lanterns, bright vases, jade dragons and beautiful geisha girls.

However, you can win more for many Chinese artifacts, including priceless jade green dragons, bright vases and Chinese lanterns. You will also find geisha girls hanging out in the garden, these are more beautiful than the flowers you find here, although the 1,250 coins you can find are not as many as 8,888 coins you can find gold coins. lotus.

Golf Champions

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In the Golf Championship from Spade Gaming, players can find professional athletes' shoes in the green environment and look for big cash prizes.

Select your coin denomination from 0.10 to 0.50 credits in the menu and place 3 coins per turn before rotating the reel. Turbo mode slightly raises the reel, while pressing the spin button activates the auto-rotation mode immediately.

Golden Monkey

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The legend of the Golden Monkey Slot is only the shortest time, but many casino players and experts have claimed it is the top slot machine game of 2016.

The game has a typical Asian style with both funky and soothing music. It takes you to the mountain temple, whose symbols include goblets, scrolls, shields, crows, potions and cauldrons. According to Chinese mythology, golden monkeys are known for their ability to transform various objects into other objects.

Great Blue

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This game is known for its highly variable games, so you can play it with care - from as low as 25p to as much as £125.

Great Blue shows the wildness and scattering of the stack - if you get 3 or more Sea Shell symbols (scatter) anywhere on the reels, you will trigger the Great Blue Bonus feature. You will automatically start 8 free spins and 2 multipliers. You need to remember that this is a highly variable slot machine game - although it is very likely to win a huge victory, it may take a while to get the feature and it won't be that easy.

Golden Whale

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When you play instant cash rewards on a reel, discover marine life living in the waves. But will this game be eliminated?

To win, you must match the symbols; some people only pay for the odds of two games, while others won't register for the prizes until you match the three games. All matches must be on a valid payline and read from left to right. The more symbols you match, the higher your bonus. The most important symbol in the odds table is the Golden Whale. If you match five, you will win 10,000 bonuses. The golden whale also acts as a wild symbol for other symbols on the payline.

Great Stars

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Online video slot from Spade Gaming. When you compete on the reels to win instant cash rewards, immerse yourself in the luck of the East.

There are letters representing high-value poker cards and a range of casual and decorative symbols, including koi, lily, oriental fan and pagoda.

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