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A Night Out

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Night Out has a simple five-axis slot machine game. This means that the highest payline jackpot available is from the case where five matching symbols are arranged along the active payline.

All A Night Out symbols revolve around the theme that people and you encounter on the tiles overnight, and the most valuable five symbol combinations are made up of the game's pint of beer wild symbols. The five symbols on the payline are paid at a rate of 10,000 times per player's bet, and the highest possible bet level of £10 means a total of £100,000. A Night Out offers a slot with wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus games to enjoy all the fun of a great night in your own home, which can trigger a potentially beneficial free spin. A Night Out's pint glass symbol can also be used as a standard wild symbol when the five largest payline bonuses can be placed on an active payline. This means that when a symbol appears on a reel, the symbol can replace any regular symbol in order to create the most valuable possible pay line combination.