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Hold Em

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Both players and dealers can get their own 2 cards and a total of 5 community cards that can be used to create effective playing cards. If the first 5 cards (two players and three community cards) contain a pair of A or better A cards, an AA side bet can be additionally made. Royal Flush pays Ante and the side prize of 100:1. The game uses a single deck and reshuffles after each round, and the dealer is eligible for 4 or higher cards.

Casino Hold'em plays high-quality streaming media common to all Playtech live games, and its standard interface provides a variety of options in a user-friendly way. The bottom menu allows the player to choose between two camera views, adjust the volume, switch to full screen mode, view game rules and access settings. You can communicate with your dealer through a live chat window and prompt them by placing the chips in the appropriate marked locations.


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Even if we are not a fan of a cold. For the harsh climate, there is only such a barbaric thing, when we think of it, it will be more romantic - on the most bleak night we can squeeze together and keep warm.

For those who hate the cold, fortunately, when you play Iceland from Spade Gaming, you don't have to experience it for yourself. This 5-axis slot machine offers up to 50 connections for all paying users and a presentation mode for those who don't want to bet on real money. This is because they act as wild games, as long as they are part of the winning combination, they bring the x3 multiplier. This means that for your balance, the biggest victory for a walrus (usually 3,333 credits) can be a bigger 9,999 credits. It’s all because of wild!

Japan Fortune

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Developer Spade Gaming excels in the graphics of this game, and you will really feel the feeling of being transported to the rest of the world.

Behind the board, there is a mirror-smooth lake that reflects the splendid landscape in its sparkling reflections. The colours have been carefully modified to provide black, grey, blue and white shades that contrast sharply with the reels, giving an almost monochromatic appearance. The button to exit the home screen is located at the bottom left and clearly marked. In Japanese wealth, in order to win prizes, you need to match three or more symbols, but if you can match more, this is a plus, because the more matches you get, the bigger the victory. All symbols have different values, and the card letters are usually located at the lower end of the board. The Pagoda offers the highest prize with a prize of 5,000 and matches five.

Indian Myth

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This lavish color online event is a world of 5 reels and 50 winlines, with some familiar bonuses lined up and waiting for the eager players. India, as we know it today, is far removed from the Indians we present - the knowledge of its suspicious politics and extreme poverty has been abandoned, with a focus on the mysterious aspects of this sacred but turbulent country.

You will be able to rest on a flower bed and your thoughts will drift freely. In the process you are considering, you will be accessed by several symbols, some of which are inspired by the game itself, while other symbols will be worn in a card set, bringing a variety of money but no change in style.

Jin Qian Wa

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Playtech's Jin Qian Wa has 5 reels and 40 paylines. Just like most video slots with such popular themes, graphics and sound effects are very basic, so it's perfect for players who prefer simple online slots. Once you give it a chance, you can expect landing signs such as classic card signs, turtles, elephants, dragons, yin and yang symbols, golden frogs and slot logos.

Jin Qian Wa is one of the online slots, giving you the opportunity to win some extra cash immediately, because it has a lot of special features, so be sure to check out all of them!

iris Luck

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This is actually a very good interpretation of the Irish theme. The red head looks like a symbol of the wild. The little fairy is hidden in a golden pot. The rainbow fills the screen and the clover leaves fall from above.

If we haven't seen it before, it would be great. In fact, this is not what we often say. The theme and gameplay of NextGen games are even more exciting in their eyes of Ireland and the Eye of Ireland 2 mobile slot. Compared to Playtech's Irish luck slot, reels and triumphs are more frequent, more Irish whimsy, and feel like a re-peeling of desert treasures or Santa Claus surprises. Free spin is the only reward feature, which is a redemption aspect of this mobile slot. Most of the time you may leave with a bet that is equivalent to 10 to 30 times, but every once in a while you will reach an incredible multiplier of up to 15 times, which will make you breathless. . However, this is an exception to date and not a rule, and free spins are not enough to break the monotony of the main game.


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Tomb Raider video game with the iconic kickass treasure hunter? The female version of Indiana Jones? Or maybe Lara Croft: The Tomb Raider movie was started by Angelina Jolie from the early 2000s? Of course, there is now a new movie and endless things related to Tomb Raider. The true classic will never die. Lara Croft is by no means.

That's why fans of the real Tomb Raider (and online slot games) will recognize the brilliance of Microgaming's Tomb Raider slot machine. They may not have 2019-ish graphics or animations. But they did refer to the cult video game series. And they also don't lack special features. Bonus, * flash back to the Tomb Raider Experience* in the 90s, you will avoid walking endlessly through the corridor without knowing how to move on. The Tomb Raider Slots gameplay is simple, so you'll know exactly where Lara Croft is.